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Belgium Applies Testing Requirements According to the Colour-Coded Maps

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In Belgium, testing rules apply to travellers according to the colour with which their country of residence is marked.

Travellers from the green category, in which are placed the majority of EU/Schengen countries as well as Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macau, New Zealand, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan, are exempt from any testing obligation upon arrival in Belgium.


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Whereas travellers from the red EU and Schengen countries are obliged to present proof of vaccination, recovery or negative COVID-19 test results upon arrival. The latter will also have to test again on the seventh day.

Those who show up at Belgium’s ports of entry with none of the above three will have to get tested on the first or second day in Belgium. They will also have to get tested again on the seventh day.

As per travellers from red third countries who have a vaccination certificate, they have to test on the first and the seventh day upon arrival. Those who aren’t vaccinated have to quarantine for ten days and get tested for COVID-10 on the first and seventh days. Those who result negative for the second time can end quarantine prematurely.